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Consultation Services


Wade has created a variety of educational presentations and workshops that he has given around the World.  His top chosen classes have been:

  • Hands on Alpaca Analysis of Fiber Trait Linking

  • Micron analysis and take home chart Workshop

  • Become sustainable with Agri-tourism 

  • Product Creation Fiber Workshop

  • Practical farm sorting skills

  • Histograms - what can they tell us 

  • Making Breeding Decisions

  • Conformation & Genetics

  • Show Ring Handling and Understanding placing points

Because of his World View of the alpaca industry many hosts and organizations ask for modified workshop or presentations.  Farms can host an educational seminar as a way to advertise their ranch and get people to see thier alpacas or service first hand! 


Consider defining your herd with a personal Herd Evaluation.  It is a one on one teaching service utilizing your own alpacas so the owner completely sees the alpacas benefits and faults.  Get the understanding of the levels of quality out in the market and where your alpacas line up.  Each alpaca gets an evaluation sheet for your records.   Of course this is completely confidential information.  The value is priceless as it helps define your direction and goals you want to achieve. 


Wade is also available for as an expert for insurance claims and court issues. Wade has been involved with many types of cases where a validation of an alpaca or whole herd assessment is needed.  Sometimes Mediation is the best way to handle a situation and is less costly for all parties involved.   

Please inquire with Wade about any of these specialized Services. 

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