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Peru Adventure 2024 is being discussed

 Please contact me to put you on my notification list

about future trips! 

June (11-22th) 2023  

Come experience Peru's rich culture and diverse

climatic regions.  Enjoy a stress-free adventure

with Wade Gease, The Alpaca Guy, as your

seasoned personal tour guide.  


Wade takes you on a once in a life time tour

highlighting unique and behind the scene


You will make new friends as you

enjoy experiences, cultures, incredible food

and amazing sites together. 

2023 Peru Adventure!

Upon arrival into Lima we will fly to the Northern

part of Peru for an Amazonian exploration &

cultural experience.

You will have close up & personal animal 

experiences with Sloths and Monkeys , enjoy a

cultural indigenous ceremony, guided jungle walks

and more.  All meals are hand prepared and

included at the site. 

Catching our next flight will take us to Lake Titicaca

to see how these cultures survived the Spanish

conquest on their man-made islands!  We will also

visit an alpaca farm or cooperative and pre-Incan

ruins.  A trip highlight will be riding a train that has been touted

as one of the best scenic journeys in the world from the Andean Highlands

to Cusco.

In Cusco, you will be immersed in a Cultural and Shopping

Bonanza! We are here during the Winter Solstice so many festivities

and costume dances will be seen in the main plaza.

Meet true Quechua weavers and spinners as they explain their fiber artist

skills to us.  Experience another unique animal sanctuary and

cultural textile center learning more of ancient cultures and traditions. 


OMG! The food!!  


Of course we will go to one of the World's greatest treasures,

the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu.

Get the Machu Picchu Experience on the Summer Solstice week!!

Feel like Indiana Jones exploring Peru's sacred treasured Incan City. 

Be inspired from the tour and come with me to the peak if 

you are up for a vigorous climb with amazing picture opportunities. 

We will live Lima to its fullest!  Hit my shopping spots,

enjoy amazing food, visit exhibits,  ancient ruins & get dazzled

at an entertaining Water Park.

The last day you will get to be on a guided boat ride seeing Galapagos "like" species and then a speedy fun adventure in the desert on dune buggies and try

sand boarding!

$ 3400 $ Est. Singles - base tour cost

$ 5650 $ Est. Couples/Doubles- base tour cost

The way I am able to offer this great value pricing is because I book & negotiate everything in advance as a group. But that means this is a None Refundable trip.  Refunds and credits can be returned only if I can get the the funds returned.  This trip prices out around $9500 per person with a standard travel agency... 

  • Two singles can team up to share a room….(yes there would be two beds!)

  • ​After the general group is defined then I have a budget to go make all of the needed arrangements.  The final cost is either what is stated or close to it.  The maximum  I've ever understated is just $150/person. 


Make this trip your fitness challenge!  However, If you have any physical ailments you Must discuss them with me. 

You must be in good physical condition to be at altitudes of 11,000 feet and be able to climb stone steps and walk well.  


Email me to secure your spot.


All balanced due by Feb 28th 2024




  • Accommodations

  • Breakfasts - All hotels have a type of continental breakfast included and WIFI

  • All private vans, drivers fees, transfers, tours and excursions detailed in the group itinerary

  • Guides

  • Entrance fees for MP and van tickets up the mountain

  • We take multiple domestic Peru flights

  • Multiple Train pass to Manchu Picchu

  • My friendly face and help every day!!!


Not included


  • International Flights to and from Lima airport on the specified days 

  • Your Meals ; However the meals are included on the Jungle Excursion.

  • Any outside of the group scheduled activities.

  • Personal expenses

  • Travel medical insurance - Alliance Travel gives a great medical package $125

  • Tips – for bag handling, room or staff services.

  • Cash is always King..  Many restaurants  and large stores use credit cards. 

  • There are luggage restrictions 


Note – Hotels



Please call your credit cards informing them that you wish to use them in Peru.  I suggest bringing cash for exchange for most purchases.  I’d say meals are 2/3 the cost to our prices and alpaca garments are sometimes 50% lower.  Of course it depends on the market we are at.  Most dinners at medium or higher quality restaurants take credit cards.

Also please try to pack light as you will be responsible for carrying your own baggage and the airlines will charge you for every pound over 25Kilo’s (50lbs). Inner country flights we are restricted to One check on and one carry & Purse.  At the end of your trip you can add an additional check on bag for your own International flights home. 

I’d look into shots immediately!  I’m sure a Typhoid and Malaria shot would be suggested for  Machu Picchu & Jungle areas.  However, we are going at the dry time of year when there are few bugs. 

Cheers!!! Please call with any questions. 







An overview of Machu Picchu with some clouds blanketing the tops of the background ruins taken on one of The Alpaca Guy's Peru trips.

Thanx Wade - as always, it was an amazing trip. Lot's of challenges and worth while adventures. Tom and I will always be grateful for the memories and new friendships made, along with the wisdom and experiences in so many areas  shared by the group members. Thank you for making such a positive impact in our lives!!  


Tom and Susan Petersen 

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