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The Alpaca Guy

The Alpaca Guy, Wade Gease, is known for his involvement in the Alpaca Industry as a senior judge, product developer, Peru ambassador and educator for over the past two decades.


He is a seasoned consultant in the worldwide alpaca industry and wholesale supplier of high-quality alpaca products.  All of his services can be found at


Inquires & questions can be placed on his Face Book page (Wade Gease) or web address contact.  


Wade enjoys providing a unique brand of Retail & Wholesale alpaca products along with all of his educational services for the Alpaca industry. 


Wade is available for alpaca events, speaking engagements, Peru tours, product development, his wet felting machine or just advice. 



"Hi, I just wanted to thank Wade the Alpaca Guy for a wonderful time and educational afternoon. Wade I like the way you make us think about the market and why we are in business. I appreciate you putting us to the test to help us make more inform decisions when it comes to improving the quality of our heard and the farming industry." Dan, Shepherds Hill Alpacas

Fair trade is a global effort. The products I sell are connected to the livelihoods of others, Fair Trade is a way to make a conscious choice for a better world. I work with individual families and lady cooperatives directly to cut out the middle man and give the money directly to the people doing the work.  This provides:

  • Income sustainability - fair wages

  • Empowerment - opportunity for self directed projects at home or work

  • Flex time - as many women knitters care for kids and elderly.





Wade and a lady representative of Prairie States Insurance embrace each other for a picture under his The Alpaca Guy sign at his show booth.
A conversation between Wade and a Quechua lady about the hand made natural textile work they do with alpaca fiber.
Wade is teaching an alpaca micron analysis class to a group of alpaca breeders all holding up their charts they made with alpaca fibers aligned by thickness.
Judge Wade analysis a piece of alpaca fiber as five other volunteers in the fleece show room look on.
Wade is next to his wet felt machine.
Alpaca guide Wade is cheerful of the site of Machu Picchu in the scene behind him.
Judge Wade Gease is showing off his alpaca belt buckle that looks like the alpaca he is holding in one arm while attending an alpaca auction.
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