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FionaHunter PelhamAlpacas - For anyone considering this trip ... I highly recommend it! I went on Wade's November 2014 trip and it was absolutely fantastic. Peru is gorgeous. The food is delicious. The alpaca-related educational experience is unparalleled! And Wade was terrific to travel with ... he really made sure that the entire trip was as stress-free as possible. Thanks, Wade!!


Donna Longenecker -  We went on Wade's November 2014 trip and it was the trip of a lifetime, largely due to Wade. He took us everywhere, showed us everything we didn't know existed, arranged for all of our transportation (and there was allot), explored with us, drank with us and herded us like a pro. Herding us became difficult after he introduced us to the Pisco Sour! I would highly recommend this trip. Cuy cuy cuy!!


Beth Thomas-Phelps - Ditto! ....this trip is sooo

worth it. If you've had Peru on your bucket list,

go with Wade Gease. You will not be disappointed.

Since we got back, we have talked more about the people that traveled with us than the sights! We thank everyone for making this  truly a trip of a lifetime!

Sharing amazing experiences with good friends that encouraged us every step of the way!!

Y'all come see us, we will leave the light on for you! Bless your hearts  (meant sincerely!!)

Bill & Cindy

BrightEyes Alpaca Retreat

People being guided on a private tour outside of Cusco, Peru leaving a sacred cave of worship.
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